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Foundation for the Development
of Cybernetic Medicine

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better medicine.

How it works

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EMERGEN Foundation was established to animate and support all movements of development of new medicine based on modern technologies of Industry 4.0

Our statutory activity involves all possible activities to support the development of modern, cybernetic, better medicine collectively called cybernetic medicine (MC). We believe that using the enormous potential of Industry 4.0, good will and enthusiasm of many dedicated people we are able to animate effective actions to improve the quality of health care.
Our activities are 3 priority directions: R&D in the area of neurophysiology, development of scientific research dedicated to functional neurology and technological support of the Neuroterminal® system. We would also like to start implementation of new algorithmic and AI systems in neurology, and support development of a modern network of new generation medical facilities.



A project to create and develop a cybernetic, cloud-based epilepsy care system. Currently, Neuroterminal® is a system actively used by the Neurosphera Epilepsy Centre.
Creating a network system of cooperation between neurologists and epileptologists within the Neuroterminal® – we wish to support the network of Neurosphera centers in Poland and EU.

Covering the largest community of epilepsy patients – we can help everyone, we won’t abandon anyone without help.

Neurosphera Project

National Cybernetic Center for Epilepsy Therapy

a modern Neurology Clinic

Registration and support of commercial activities of the Epilepsy Therapy Center NEUROSPHERA
Development of Neurosphera’s state-of-the-art operating system: Neuroterminal® and Ictal®

Support for organizational and commercial activities of CTP Neurosphera

The mission of the EMERGEN Foundation is a logical continuation of the activities of its founder, who wants in this way to further implement timeless ideas of helping the sick based on universal values and modern tools. This is the second, no less important side of our activities: The medical mission resulting from and contained in the humanitarian formula of medicine.
We ask for your support, endorsement, assistance, comments, and encourage your collaboration. We are aligned with individuals and institutions that think and act similarly. We place our hope in a shared understanding of the needs of patients and the development of models of patient care using all available technological potential. It is possible, necessary, and feasible.

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